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Cordell Lawrence

businessman, consultant, entrepreneur

About me

We often define ourselves by our profession. For a very long time I've thought of myself as a software engineer. Moving into another field has confirmed a long-standing feeling - A significant part of the Software Engineering process is really all about * Problem Solving * ... thus ...

I'm really just a problem solver. I like working alongside other creative, passionate problem solvers that are not afraid to go after the complicated problems and want to create lasting impact. I have no problem being pushed and stretched to my professional and intellectual limits where real growth and development gets activated.

Full name: Cordell Lawrence
Location: Trinidad & Tobago


More about my past experience

I've done a fair amount professional Software Engineering. Also spent some time in senior positions from development lead and software architect to development team manager, dev group manager. Since 2011, I've mostly functioned in the role of a consultant and other C-Level roles in the various businesses that I've been a part of.
Currently... I'm in the middle of doing my own thing.

For more professional and/or academic history, feel free to get in touch by email.

Summary of experience

Development & Delivery Focused
15 yrs
Production Software Engineering
Team Management & Consulting
8 yrs
C-Level Management & Tech Consulting
Entrepreneurship & Business Development
6 yrs
Leading & Developing Business


Here's what I bring to the table

Ideas and concepts

I'm an idea factory. If you're looking for creative ideas in your space and you're looking to validate whether or not your idea can leverage technology to get off the ground, I can absolutely help with that.

Solve tech problems

I'm pretty good at thinking on my feet. If you're looking for creative solutions to challanges or you're looking to bounce your ideas off of technical resource, I'm your guy.

Coding & development

This one is totally my comfort zone. Been coding for many years, even I no longer code on the delivery track, if you need technical resources and solutions I can source the talent and/or managet that team for you.


Get in touch with me

Feel free to drop me a line anytime about anything!